Emergency Lights - How to Choose the Best One

We provide you emergency light’s reviews, making, repairing, buying tips and some resource to find your best emergency lights. We believe that, if you follow our guideline, reviews for choosing/buying best emergency light then you could easily find out the right one that is best for you.

Life without light is quite impossible now a day’s, even we can’t think about it. It became an important part of our life. If in case there is a sudden power break down or anyway the main power goes out, it makes very embarrassing situation to manage out and hampers our general works and life. In that cases emergency lights playing an important role by turned on automatically without any hassle and providing lights until the power restore. It is our daily life subject, now if we consider about our safety there is also a very big importance of emergency lights like “exit sign lighting”, “emergency vehicle lighting”, “Anti-panic lighting” etc. these lighting are playing important role to save life in anywhere like business, residential building, road etc. Therefor now a day’s in most of home, hospitals, markets and business and high occupancy residential building and vehicle also has installed emergency lights.

Emergency light is a light that is used in such emergency situation when there is a sudden power break down. In simplest words “A light, when used for an emergency purpose it called emergency light.” It is design to give backup when there is a power outage and for some emergency conditions. Emergency lights are available on the market in many shapes and dimensions primarily based on its size and usage. Generally emergency lights are made with one or more incandescent bulbs or a bunch of bright LED. There used some kind reflector to reproduce and focus the light, behind the light source. Now a day’s the LED is widely used often in emergency light. Because it has a low operating current and these LED’s are brighter than other traditional bulbs. As its operating power is very low rather than any other bulbs like incandescent bulb, therefore it makes charge-life-long of batteries by saving power. Basically emergency lights should be operate automatically though we haven’t all the emergency lights automatic in the market. Now a day’s in most of business and high occupancy residential building has installed emergency lights.

As I say all emergency lights are not automatic though it should be, because it is emergency! In general basis there is two types of emergency lights one is standby lighting and another is escape lighting.
  • Emergency Standby Lighting- It’s usually used in homes, hospitals, offices as because it can provide sufficient light on any emergency situation like main power crash, break down or something. 
  • Emergency Escape-Routes Lighting- This emergency lights must be automatic. It have a DC Battery for self-power so that it can operate automatically. Most often it is used in offices, hospitals and industrial for in case of emergency situation. Usually they placed over emergency exit doors so that it may lead in emergency situation like sudden darkness and can save from possible danger.

On the other hand based on emergency light’s maintenance we can classify it’s into two-
  • Non-maintained- Non-maintained emergency lights are fully automatic. It is always connected with the main supply to charging the battery and it only illuminate when main supply fails. 
  • Maintained- Maintained emergency lights usually illuminate all the time for both emergency and normal operation. This lighting is operated by a battery which is charged from main power source. This types of lighting is usually used where always need a low brightness lighting. 


    Some most used emergency lights:

    All types of emergency lights generally operated by a low voltage (6V-12V) DC power source. The power source can be a Battery or from main supply, in those cases a step down transformer is used to reduce the voltage in a low value to charging the battery or direct supply to LED or Incandescent or others for lighting. Most of those emergency lights used Lead Acid battery or Lead-Calcium battery.  Some modern emergency lights don’t have any transformer, they used some cheap electronics parts like DIODE, IC, Non polarized Capacitor etc.  instead of transformer. So that it makes the lighting system cheaper.