Emergency Lights For Home

Emergency Lights For Home

Now a days it is impossible to live one minute without electricity. It hampers our general works and life badly. To get rid from this worse problem, use emergency lights as an alternative and keep life always shining. On the other hand emergency lights are less costly than other power generator (electricity generator) or any alternative of emergency lighting source.

There are two types of emergency lights for home, based on its uses. One is emergency standby lights which is used during a power outage (when main power isn’t available, for power crash, breakdown or something). And another is Emergency Escape Routes Lights like emergency exit sign lighting, anti-panic lighting etc.

Emergency Standby Lights

It is usually used in homes, hospitals, offices because it can provide enough light in emergency situation when there is a power outage.

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Emergency Escape Routes Lights

It is important to have installed Emergency Escape Routes Lights for safety. That will help to save life in such unwanted situation like during fire, earthquake or other situation when there main power crashed or anyway there is a power outage.

Escape Routes Lights, Emergency Exit Light

Battery's of emergency lights

Though it should be but all home emergency lights aren’t rechargeable. That’s mean it haven’t a battery backup system installed. We will talk about only those “home emergency lights” which are rechargeable.
We have seen that a rechargeable home emergency lights needs a battery to operate when there is no central power source. Commonly these batteries are made of lead-calcium, lead–acid etc. Day by day the battery size is reducing. And that’s makes the lights smaller and more attractive.